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People of Colibri

Is a boutique talent firm with deep expertise in executive search, full life-cycle recruitment and people advisory. Our principal and partners each bring unique backgrounds and resumes from across the corporate landscape, public sector and beyond, serving in talent roles for organizations large and small. We leverage every ounce of our collective experience to serve one goal - being your essential talent partner. Whether you're seeking an adaptable partner to help hire critical roles, plan your next career move or develop a full 360-degree people strategy, we're confident we can bring immediate value and ROI. We can't wait to work with you.

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We’re Driven By People

Nothing transforms or elevates organizational results faster than the right talent. Our decades of experience in talent acquisition, executive search, human resources advisory and organizational culture have brought countless success stories for companies large and small. We strive every day to activate every ounce of that experience and put those achievements to work for you. Whether you're a company seeking a talent partner for consulting or full life-cycle recruitment or a candidate looking to elevate or reimagine your career, were confident we can bring deep value and critical partnership. We can't wait to meet you!

Our Values

Deeply Human
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Everything we do is in support of people - their goals, aspirations, hopes, needs and must-haves. Our credo and practice every day are constantly focused on seeing people succeed... Our mindset and actions are always focused on inclusion, honesty, and respect.

Uniquely Yours
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The DNA of every organization is unfailingly unique. Our consultation, services and strategies are always built from the ground up, customized 100% for your story, your needs, and your obstacles. While we always leverage past achievements and success stories, we never recycle solutions or underestimate the myriad of needs that make each organization individual.

Market Experts
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We know talent. Any size firm, all industries, every geography - we hold a deep understanding of the trends and obstacles companies, and candidates face today. We're researching, analyzing, and interpreting the critical forces at work in the global talent landscape daily and always activating those insights in support of you.

Modern, Innovative, Scalable
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Whether your organization is a large global multi-national or small & intimate, we believe every company can create, adopt, and deploy incredible talent solutions and strategies. Right sizing your programs or recruitment doesn't have to mean sacrificing innovation. You can cultivate both short- and long-term success. Our advisory, consultation and deliverables are always built to grow, scale, and deploy now and in the future.

Our Services

We provide a specialized recruitment service that best suits your business, industry, and team. Our goal is to provide options for your open roles and give you several qualified candidates to consider for your team. We are excited to assist with searches at any level with a guarantee period and search commission that makes sense for your business. Our intake process allows us to build a high-level strategy from beginning to end of a search to provide the best results possible.
Executive Search
We have a passion for helping your business grow its overall objectives and goals. People of Colibri believes that the best way to accomplish this is through details and specialized succession plans for your current and future employees. We will advise you on structural organization and work with your human resources partners to build a succession plan and review process that boosts employee morale and guarantees internal employee growth to retain them and keep them happy. Lets talk about the future for your team!
Talent Advisory
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Adan Villalobos, our founder, has a special commitment to anyone out there who needs guidance, advisement, and assessment of your career search. Only 20% of the workforce is happy and passionate about their current career path and industry. Let People of Colibri work with you through conversations and exercises to see what the best step in your future should be so that you live a fulfilled, healthy, and profitable future. We will guide you on the most current resume trends, while we advise you on information to include when selling yourself on paper to a recruiter, executive or new industry.
Career Counseling
& Resume Services
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Along with career counseling and resume services, we want to enhance your interview skills and sharpen your ability to also interview your future employer. A positive result in an interview is truly about practice, confidence and selling yourself in the most effective way to get that offer. We will also help you to negotiate your offer, so you start with a love for what you do!
Interview Prep
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About Us

Adan Villalobos,
Principal and Founder

With more than twenty-five years of experience as a talent business partner for senior executives and global head of recruitment for large multi-national companies, Adan knows a thing or two about the transformational power of the right hire, the right talent strategy, and the right people programs.

Adan has worked both in-house and as an external partner, creating and launching full people & talent acquisition programs for dynamic organizations during incredible moments in their life span and evolution. He founded and scaled the global talent acquisition and learning & development functions to incredible success during a sixteen-year career at Skechers, as the company grew revenue many times over and expanded its global footprint from several subsidiaries and divisions to well over two dozen.

A dedicated project & task force leader, he has led cross-functional talent projects focused on global people programs, total rewards, talent technology implementations and worldwide people vendors. Adan has also personally built, led, and developed dozens of teams, comprised of both business professionals and talent practitioners, and deeply understands the perspective and mindset of hiring leaders and teams.

With a long list of executive placements, including C-Suite officers, Adan is dually skilled at understanding the unique needs of each search, while also advising numerous candidates on their career path and exactly how to land that next desired role. Away from work, Adan is passionate lover & defender of animals, world-wide traveler and makes a mean dinner cocktail. Adan is based in Palm Springs, CA.

Our Team

Principal and Founder

Adan Villalobos

talent sourcer

Hugo Del Toro

business development Associate

Patricia Ramos

brand manager

Edgar Viramontes

Executive recruiter

Ryan Rucker

tech designer

Alex Rivera

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Our consultation, services and strategies are always customized 100% for your story, your needs, and your obstacles. While we always leverage past success stories, we never recycle solutions or underestimate the myriad of needs that make each organization individual.


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